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We do Gift Certificates!!

Want to buy someone a custom cake - cupcakes - cookies - bread - rolls - the list can go on and on but not exactly sure what to get them?

How about someone that is getting married and you want to help out with the cake? Or maybe pitch in on the birthday cake?

Well, make the easy decision and get them a gift certificate from the Best Bakery in Northern Hills, so they can make the hard decision on what to get.

You set the amount - Gift Certificate lasts 6 months

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Mini Cake flavors of Chocolate Oreo, Carrot Cake, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel


Frosted Lemon Cookies is a favorite for many!


🌸✨ Dive into a world of pure sweetness with our Pink Color Fade Rosette Covered Cake! 🎂💖 Indulge in layers of moist, fluffy cake, adorned with delicate rosettes that cascade in a stunning gradient of pink hues. 🌷🍰 Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bridal shower, or just craving a touch of elegance, this masterpiece is sure to steal the show! ✨💕 https://www.SMEsTreats.com #SMEsTreats #CustomOrderBakery #CustomCakes #PinkPerfection #RosetteCake #ElegantIndulgence #SweetMoments


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